Pierre Debonair

Pierre Debonair (Petty-P)

In an industry based on following childish intention with adolescent methodology, you don’t get too many chances to witness many examples of real poetic enthusiasm when it comes to an idea relating to artistry. Turning ideas into actions is hard enough; Pierre Debonair successfully makes this process an entertaining experience from start to finish.

Pushing for a complete sound and direction; making way for a much more mature and refined style. Pierre Debonair’s influence through melodic lyrically smooth delivery, brings listeners art and style that can only be described as “magnifique”.  Look forward to brand new music that will reveal a fresh and vibrant perspective from an already seasoned veteran in the music game. 

Accustomed to the old school ideology of street life and struggle music, building a hardcore devoted family based fanbase as PETTY P.

Pierre now explores a highly versatile and mature approach to progressive music with an exquisite touch to detail in every step of the art. Finally an artist who came from the bottom and made it. Now comes back with the lyrical “how to manual” giving you the tools to come up too!

“Im bringing you the caviar and camembert all ready to go!”
-Pierre Debonair 

Written courtesy of: www.scottelkinsmedia.com


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June 11th 2019
“Through it all” video release

July 27th 2019
“Slappin” video shoot

October 19th 2019
“The Beat Goes” video shoot